How do you jump higher to dunk?

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Dunking mostly is done with basket balls. Dunking is not for everyone though but better still, some pull through it. Basket balls mostly, the height at which the player jumps really determines their scores. The higher they jump, the closer they get to the rim. Apart from that they also increase their shooting percentage.

The vertical height in which they will jump depends on the amount of force their legs will produce. They therefore need the power of the lower body so as to enable them be swift enough thus maneuvering efficiently. So how do you jump higher to dunk?, Here are some exercises you need to engage in so as to improve your dunking skills:

Ball handling
The way a player handles the ball plays a big part in the game. Palming the ball is not a walk in the park as even the experts lose grip when dunking. Practicing by running around the rim and thumping the ball against it will do you some good as it helps in improving on the same. You could even try it with a small ball for a start such as a golf ball, then go for a volley ball then go all the way to a basketball.

The manner in which you will land on the ground determines the success or failure of that dunking. You should try landing on both feet for the sake of flexibility.

Another tactic here that will be worth bearing in mind is avoiding hanging on the rim not unless there is somebody you might land in who is below you. It has its own dangers as you might lose balance and also spoil the hoop. It is advisable you just dank the ball and get down.

Ensure you have good pair of shoes
Every field has a tool that is a must have. In this case, the kind of shoes really play a big role. Shoes that are of high quality enhance the ability to dunk and most important prevents you from been hurt in attempt to dunk. The shoes should have a good grip on the ground. Skidding shoes are not even recommended as this is dangerous. A good player ensure their tool is in good condition.

In an attempt to achieve something, many a times when you will fall but for a determined person, they get up, dust off and continue. That ought to be the spirit for a dunker. You will be downcast at first but with time you will get to smile and pat yourself at the back for the improvement. With time you get impressed by the good job you do. If you persist you get somewhere and probably be a proficient in the area. Persistence is the key as it breaks resistance.

Increase your vertical leap
In this case, the legs need the lifting power that will get you up to the air and then to the basket. Flexibility comes in as it is an ingredient towards making a close to perfect if not perfect dunker. You really do need flexibility of leg muscles hence adding some few inches to your vertical heap.

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